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Spotlight on ESG: Key developments from the 2022 US proxy season
This report from Alliance Advisors offers statistics and analysis on how shareholders responded to ESG issues during proxy season 2022. It includes: Statistics on some factors that made the difference between ESG proposals receiving shareholder support or not Real-life examples of climate proposals that received between 91 percent and 98 percent support Analysis of the development of racial equity and civil rights...Read more
Board oversight of ESG gains momentum
Investor interest in ESG has been intensifying over the past decade. Planning for 2023 proxy disclosure requires careful review of both final and proposed SEC disclosure regulations, as well as of intensifying investor interest in company sustainability. Whether it is the new pay versus performance disclosure rules, or the expected new climate-related disclosure requirements, the Board’s role in oversight of an...Read more
Understanding research & consensus in capital markets
Research and its role in the broader capital markets ecosystem has evolved dramatically due to significant changes in technology, regulation, and investment philosophy over the years. This article from Irwin explores: the role that research plays in the current capital markets environment how to interpret and understand consensus estimates how to distinguish between paid and unpaid research how to prepare for...Read more
5 approaches to implement your investor day and earnings calls Q&A
This report examines how to elevate your IR events, including investor days and earnings calls, making them successful in telling your investment story and representing your brand. The undoing of high-quality IR events often comes during the Q&A session where production value drops and the management team can be caught unprepared to address audience questions. Download OpenExchange’s guide and...Read more
How to engage investors in the off-season
If you think investor engagement is only important in the proxy season, think again! Off-season investor engagement strategies can give issuers distinct advantages and are an important part of any IR arsenal. This article will discuss why it’s worth it to conduct off-season investor engagement, and some of the commonly used strategies to consider. It covers: Easy off-season investor engagement strategies Tips to be...Read more
ESG Reporting journey with Frank Kelley, DFIN’s director of ESG & compliance services
Gain exclusive insights from DFIN’s director of ESG & compliance services, Frank Kelley, as he discusses DFIN’s unique 5-step ESG reporting process and what the future holds for ESG. It covers: Where is the SEC on ESG reporting guidance at the moment? Which frameworks do investors, including BlackRock, show preference for right now? How to be an ESG over-achiever, including working towards meeting the...Read more
Beyond ESG – an integrated approach to governance, investing and regulation
This new report from Morrow Sodali argues for an integrated approach that combines environmental, social and governance issues together with traditional financial and accounting metrics. It sets out 6 ways that this approach avoids common pitfalls , including: avoiding strategy silos avoiding “zero-sum” thinking that pits ESG against traditional accounting and financial metrics avoiding pitting...Read more
Redefining company purpose in the age of ESG
This new report from S&P Global sets out statistics and analysis on key areas of ESG for IR, covering: Key topics to evaluate in your annual ESG materiality assessments Identifying gaps between investors’ ideal reports and actual company metrics Managing expectations on measuring Scope 3 emissions Reporting climate risk...Read more
The ultimate guide to investor targeting
Atop the list of priorities for modern IR teams are finding right-fit investors for the business. There are many ways and tools to find investor names and profiles, but part of a strong targeting strategy is what you say in that meeting, and how you present your company, your story and your financials to close the deal. Irwin has compiled all of the very best resources...Read more
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