What links earnings and journalism?

Feb 19, 2015
<p>The Spring print edition of <em>IR Magazine</em> will soon hit desks</p>

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Here at IR Magazine we’re going through our own version of quarterly earnings: the production schedule for the Spring print edition. As with earnings, there are lots of documents to write, deadlines to meet ‒ and nothing is more important than getting your facts right. Plus, when it’s all over you immediately start thinking about the next quarter. We’ve yet to implement a post-event roadshow to a selection of glamorous international locations but I for one wouldn’t complain if we did.

To give you a taster of what to expect, this quarter’s edition features a Q&A with the man behind Amundi’s new global equities operation in London, benchmarking data on IR events and meetings, and a look at why Thai companies performed so well in our South East Asia Awards last year.

The cover story, meanwhile, is an interview with Cisco’s Blair Christie, who spent 11 years in IR before taking a role in the C-suite as chief marketing officer. Copies should be hitting desks over the next couple of weeks.

If you are still in the midst of your own earnings process, or looking for advice on how to run the next one, I suggest you take a look at the earnings call survival guide written for us by Janet Craig, senior vice president of IR at Loblaw Companies, which includes tips on checklists, key-message sheets, catch-up calls and making sure you have enough sweets. Click here to read the guide.

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