Award-winner Intact Financial praised for depth of financial reporting

Apr 05, 2018
This mini-profile is taken from the Award-Winning IR – Canada 2018 report

Intact Financial was recently crowned joint winner of the best financial reporting category at the IR Magazine Awards – Canada 2018, sharing the prize with ARC Resources. This mini-profile, taken from the Award-Winning IR – Canada 2018 report, outlines why Intact Financial stood out to the judges.

If ARC Resources was praised for the breadth of its financial reporting, Intact Financial was equally praised by the judges for its depth. The judges praised Intact Financial for its consistency of design and readability across its annual report, online annual report, MD&A, financial statements, sustainability reports and proxy circular.

This award win, and recognition from other areas of the Canadian reporting community, is the culmination of years of hard work to refine Intact Financial’s reporting. The company’s investor relations team put one of its corporate values – striving for excellence – at the heart of its efforts to enhance its reporting. This led to innovations such as the online annual report, which deployed numerous multimedia tools including an interactive underwriting analysis tool.

In keeping with the best practice trend of enhancing the design of financial reports, Intact Financial’s team includes glossy images, charts and graphs in its reports. The use of charts to convey financial information makes the reports easy to understand, navigate and interpret, while the images of a diverse customer base show investors a side of the company they may not normally see.

Another example of Intact Financial leading the charge with best practices is by having the annual report and proxy circular introduced by letters individually from the CEO and chairman, highlighting key themes and outlining how they connect with the company’s long-term strategy.


Click here to find out more about the Award-Winning IR – Canada 2018 report, to find out why the winners were selected.

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