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Jun 06, 2018

Part three of a Mifid II special: Ticker 88

‘I don’t think anyone got it more wrong than the sell side [in underestimating] how quickly things were going to change’

On the third, and final (for now) Mifid II podcast special from The Ticker, we hear from Radek Barnert, CEO of WeConvene, talks about how the European regulation impacts the three corners of corporate access: the buy side, the sell side and – of course – IR teams.

Barnert discusses the growing benefit of paid-for research, how corporates are being increasingly contacted directly by the buy side, and the advent of true price transparency. In fact, Barnert says he’s worked out the total average cost of a CEO’s time per meeting: $11,555.

Also on this episode of The Ticker, a roundup of the latest in IR news and research, including the IR Magazine finding that a fifth of IR websites haven’t had a refresh in the past three years. Listen now or download for later – and subscribe now on iTunes.