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5 Ways to Drive Higher Shareholder Engagement
Retail shareholders vote at a relatively low rate - averaging less than 30 percent overall, year-to-year. Do you know how technology and the consistent flow of communication can encourage their voices to be heard? Learn five ways to improve shareholder engagement in the proxy voting process. Please complete the form below to receive the eBook. Please complete the form below with the information requested. Once you...Read more
Crafting an Investor Thesis That Drives Value
Does your company have a great story to tell but analysts don’t seem to be hearing it? If you don’t define your company, your product, your space and your opportunity, investors will either do it for you or could ignore your company. A well-crafted investment thesis allows you to own your narrative and helps analysts and investors understand you. Find tips for developing an impactful investor thesis in this...Read more
2019 Annual Corporate Governance Review
Shareholder interest in ESG issues continued to impact annual meetings in the 2019 proxy season, according to Georgeson’s 2019 Annual Corporate Governance Review, with new E&S shareholder proposals emerging. There was additional focus in the 2019 proxy season on human capital management issues including sexual harassment prevention, gender pay gap reporting and diversity at all levels. Other topics covered in...Read more
Guide to Effective Proxies
The seventh edition of the DFIN’s Guide to Effective Proxies identifies leading trends in 2019 to help you focus your efforts on the next proxy season. The Guide is a searchable catalog of innovative and shareholder-friendly best practices, drawn from the public filings of DFIN’s blue-chip client base. Organized not by company, but by proxy section, topic and feature, the guide serves as a unique efficiency tool to...Read more
3 Ways To Integrate ESG Into Your IR Website
This white paper will explain 3 ways that you can integrate your ESG content into your IR Website to make sure you get the credit you deserve from the rating agencies. Please complete the form below with the information requested. Once you have filled in the form, you will receive or be taken to the white paper. We need this information so that we can make the report available to you, and so that we and Equisolve...Read more
Sep 16, 2019
Mifid II research report
Based on interviews with 79 members of the IR Magazine research panel, Mifid II examines the impact this European regulation has had on investor relations since its introduction in January 2018. The report looks in detail at the following issues for IR: What is the IRO’s overall impression of Mifid II? How has it affected corporate access and the quality of analysts’ research?...Read more
Utilize technology to acquire new investors
Investor targeting is an important task for smaller companies that want to improve their liquidity and market capitalization. For these companies to grow their business, it's essential to find efficient ways to target investors. New technology is making it easier and more cost effective to reach investors compared to the traditional methods of attending roadshows and investor conferences. OTC Markets' whitepaper...Read more
Guide to Effective Proxies: ESG and HCM Edition
Companies continue to intensify and accelerate efforts to discuss Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) matters in their proxies. This intensifying focus on ESG is elevating it to equal status with traditional areas of fundamental company research. An area of increased interest within ESG is Human Capital Management (HCM). DFIN is pre-releasing this ESG/HCM mini guide so IRO’s can start to benchmark their...Read more
Your IR website needs to be CCPA compliant
The California Consumer Privacy Act "CCPA" goes into effect on January 1st, 2020 with a 12 month look back and your IR website will need to be compliant. This whitepaper will explain the law and what modifications will be required related to your website, privacy policy, and process and controls. Please complete the form below with the information requested. Once you have filled in the form, you will receive or be...Read more
The Return of Pre-Profit IPOs
The over-subscription for the Eventbrite, Lyft and Uber IPOs has shown the popularity of companies yet to achieve a profit. Mainstream media commentators have been quick to highlight their unprofitability as if it were a strange phenomenon, but in fact a record-breaking 83% of US IPOs were loss-making in the 12 months leading up to their float. What is driving such high numbers and, given the US exchanges’ ability...Read more
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