IR Magazine Webinar ‒ Virtual meetings: How to plan your digital corporate access strategy for 2017

Online, UNITED STATES / Thursday, August 25, 2016


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All you need to know from the CEOs of two leading virtual meeting service providers who have identified major changes in approach to investor relations and corporate access. Using advanced technology solutions, virtual meetings are now serving as a valuable tool for investor relations officers to maximize their investor marketing outreach. Joining the panel will be the head of corporate access from one of the world’s largest asset managers with almost 9,000 companies in its global portfolio, who will participate in the discussions on how virtual meetings have been an important factor in his firm’s interaction with its portfolio holdings.

Results from a recent survey of public companies show strong support and further demand for virtual meetings as we approach 2017. Ipreo’s corporate access survey found that 94 percent of respondents who used virtual meetings in 2016 plan to increase or maintain their level of activity going forward.

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In this webinar we will discuss:

  • Being more efficient with senior management time
  • How to incorporate virtual meetings into your IR program
  • Using digital services to improve efficiency and reach new audiences
  • The potential impact of Mifid II on meeting practices
  • Virtual meetings as a cost-effective solution for evolving IR activity in the context of budgeting for 2017

Speakers include:

ELITE Connect and OpenExchange have recently partnered to boost video conferencing across Europe and US. You can find out more about the partnership here.

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