IR Magazine Webinar ‒ Valuation 2.0: Understanding valuation from the buy-side perspective

Online, UNITED STATES / Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Join IR Magazine and Bloomberg for a complimentary webinar in which we take an in-depth look at how investors use relative valuation to identify and evaluate investment opportunities in your stock and that of your peers, and learn how to take advantage of this to transform your IR program and become a trusted adviser to the C-suite.

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In this webinar we will discuss:

  • How to identify whether your stock or those of peers are trading at an unusually large premium or discount to the group relative to their respective historical norms
  • How to compare the spread of your stock’s trading multiple with its peers over time and evaluate it against the historical average premium or discount
  • How to easily identify periods when your stock traded at an unusually large premium or discount
  • How positive and negative earnings surprises and key news stories have been influencing relative valuation over time
  • How to access current news and research for your stock and its peers
  • How to leverage modern relative valuation tools to identify which peers you need to fully dig into to understand changing competitive industry or market dynamics
  • How to tell your valuation story to institutional investors


  • Brad Allen, freelance business writer and journalist, IR Magazine
  • Jonathan Greenberg, CFA, business manager for equity valuation, quantamentals and idea generation, Bloomberg
  • Nicholas Melhuish, head of global equities, Amundi

Short, sharp and packed with expert insight, this webinar will get you up to speed on these critical issues in just 30 minutes. Sign up to BrightTalk to view this essential briefing and be informed of future webinars produced by IR Magazine.

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