IR Magazine Webinar - How technology is changing the everyday lives of modern IROs

Online, UNITED STATES / Tuesday, March 28, 2017

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Buy-side analysts have benefited from algorithms and quantitative models for some time, enhancing the speed and accuracy of their decision-making. How can IROs use the same technology to further elevate their day-to-day practices? How much faith can you put in Big Data, automation and predictive analytics, and how much time would that free up to spend on strategic priorities? 

What we’ll discuss:

  • Learning from the advances made on the buy side: how to use algorithms and quantitative analytics to measure peer performance, understand market trends and monitor shareholder activity
  • Is what you’re saying resonating? How can you use the aforementioned tools to assess whether what you’re communicating to the market is generating positive results?
  • Gaining deeper and actionable insight into stock performance: how predictive analytics can help IROs forecast more accurately and answer tough questions
  • To think is human, to automate is divine: what day-to-day tasks of IROs can be automated to free them up for higher value efforts?
  • What does the future hold? How far away are new strides in automation, artificial intelligence and technology for IROs?

Speakers include:

  • Adam Frederick, senior vice president of intelligence, Q4
  • Scott Powell, executive vice president & head of investor relations, VolitionRx
  • Moderator: Ben Ashwell, digital editor, IR Magazine

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