IR Magazine Awards & Conference – Greater China 2013

Conrad Hong Kong, HONG KONG S. A. R. / Thursday, December 5, 2013

The first thing to explain is that our awards are different from most others: for our awards, companies do not enter. The winners of the IR Magazine Awards are determined by a comprehensive and independent three-month-long research process that identifies the best corporate IR teams across a range of categories. The approach is rigorous and objective at every stage.

Stage 1: The sample selection
Listed companies are contacted every year for details of the professionals who currently cover their stock. This information is added to the extensive investment community databases IR Magazine has been building up over the past 20 years.

Stage 2: The survey
These data are then passed to Fox Insight, which conducts a preliminary electronic survey of buy-side analysts, sell-side analysts and portfolio managers.

After the electronic survey, Mary Maude Research conducts 15 to 20-minute telephone interviews across Greater China and South East Asia. Each interviewee is asked to nominate and rank up to three companies in a host of different award categories, from best IRO to best reporting. Over 370 respondents are interviewed in either the electronic or telephone stages of the survey.

Stage 3: Results analysis
Analysis of the results begins once the survey stage of the research is complete. Points are allocated to each company depending on how frequently it is nominated: six points for every first-place ranking, three for second place and two for third. The companies with the highest point scores in each individual category make the short lists for that award. The top company will go on to win the award.

Stage 4: Short list announced
IR Magazine receives the results and contacts all the short-listed companies to give them the good news. The short list is then published to the entire IR community a month before the event.

Stage 5: Corporate research
When the short lists are announced IR Magazine contacts the short-listed companies to seek best practice understanding of the top-rated IR programs and to provide context to the study. IROs at short-listed companies are interviewed about their roles and how they approach the challenges they face.

Stage 6: Awards and IPS
Finally, on December 5 in Hong Kong and December 10 in Singapore, the names of the winners are revealed and they receive their coveted trophies.

Shortly afterwards, the Investor Perception Study, Asia 2013/2014 is published on our website and in hard copy. The study includes all the results and analysis, as well as verbatim comments from respondents and the full rankings of the leading companies.

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