IR Magazine Awards – US 2013

New York, UNITED STATES / Thursday, March 21, 2013

IR Magazine US Awards 2012

IR Magazine was delighted to have Ali Velshi, chief business correspondent of CNN, hosting the IR Magazine Awards – US 2013.

Velshi joined luminaries and legends of investor relations to congratulate the award winners and celebrate the 25th anniversary year of IR Magazine.

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Now in their 18th year, the IR Magazine Awards – US 2013 are the industry’s most prestigious and coveted awards that honor leading companies and professionals in investor relations.

This annual New York event brings together the entire investor relations community for an unrivaled night of industry celebration!

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The 2013 winning companies have been profiled in the Investor Perception Study – US 2013, which is available to order here. The report contains quotes from buy-side and sell-side analysts on why these companies were chosen as the best exponents of IR in the region, as well as their comments on corporate IR and wider topical IR issues. The report also contains interviews with the best-performing IR practitioners on their success strategies.


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