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Mar 14, 2016

Who’s who in governance: Donna Anderson of T Rowe Price

With companies and investors increasingly talking about governance, IROs should add these names to their contact list

Donna Anderson, vice president and corporate governance analyst, T Rowe Price

T Rowe Price places a strong emphasis on shareholder rights and board composition, says Donna Anderson. Although she meets with public companies year-round, she explains that calls in spring tend to be ‘more transactional’, while ‘we’re much freer in the off-season to have a more expansive dialogue.’


Donna Anderson of T Rowe Price
Donna Anderson, T Rowe Price

– Anderson is happy to meet with corporate secretaries and IROs. ‘We’re generally not among the shareholders asking for a lot of director contact,’ she says.

– She generally meets with between 350 and 400 companies a year.

–  A CFA who got her start in governance when she chaired the proxy committee for Invesco Funds, Anderson has now been at T Rowe Price for nine years.