How investor relations virtual events provide ESG value

Aug 21, 2020
How can virtual IR events help companies adhere to their ESG values?

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Despite the unsettling Covid-19 pandemic, organizations continue to evolve go-to-market plans to ensure customers, employees, investors and stakeholders are satisfied. As business continuity remains top of mind, investors and stakeholders are keen to know how companies plan to maintain their course and navigate this disruption effectively while adhering to their environmental, ​social and governance (ESG) criteria.

More than ever, this is a critical time for ESG as CFOs and investor relations professionals are reflecting on the impact that environmental disruption can have long-term. With travel restrictions still in place, offices and conference venues remain out of bounds. The natural course is to divert towards hosting virtual events for all IR meetings and calls.

How can virtual IR events help companies adhere to their ESG values?

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Improve profitability while reducing emissions

Regardless of the pandemic, a reliable communication platform is essential to any business. Hosting virtual IR events allows organizations to convey important information to investors and stakeholders from anywhere. Adopting this environmental management will help minimize emissions, waste and pollution. This can even mitigate costs and improve profitability, delivering long-term, sustainable growth.

Real-time communication and information

Don’t hold back on communicating critical messages to investors and stakeholders any longer than needed. In a recent survey by EY, 41 percent of participants stated the lack of real-time information is one of the top five challenges to achieve usefulness and effectiveness of ESG reporting. This can be improved through better communication. Schedule a virtual call to convey essential data and figures, as it is vital to be transparent towards investors and stakeholders. Keep the call short but impactful.

Sustainable long-term performance

Despite the various restrictions we are facing in this new normal, companies are keen to see growth in both employees and business performances. To achieve this company-wide goal efficiently, training ought to be conducted to upskill employees. Technology is the solution. Hosting virtual training sessions allow employees to easily access their courses without the need to travel.  This reduces unnecessary travel cost while allowing employees to enhance their knowledge and skills towards better work efficiency, ultimately improving overall business performance with a sustainable method. A win-win situation for both stakeholders and employees.

Business must proceed despite the pandemic and, because of technology, there is no need to cancel investor relations events due to travel restrictions. It is vital to keep the C-suite, investors and stakeholders informed. Virtual conferences are the future of investor events. Over 95 percent of IR teams say they are likely to use virtual meetings in the next 12 months. The pandemic will fundamentally change how we conduct virtual investor events and one-on-one investor meetings, which will become the new normal and remain a crucial part of IR strategy.

Hence, it is imperative to engage a vendor that can help in hosting highly customizable events as per each unique event’s requirement. The end-to-end white-glove support will help you manage your investor relations with virtual event software professionally. 

PGi’s GlobalMeet Webcast and hands-on management with GlobalMeet Operator Assisted is the gold standard solution to help you host, manage and execute professional investor conference calls and virtual events. Connect with us for a demo today.

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