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Jun 26, 2023

Tom Hinton of LSE on innovative ways to connect with investors

‘Post-Covid, everything’s changed’

Companies today are putting more focus on high production values and creative storytelling in their digital investor communications, according to Tom Hinton, head of issuer services at London Stock Exchange (LSE) Group.

Speaking on the red carpet at the IR Magazine Awards – Europe 2023 in London last week, Hinton said: ‘Post-Covid, everything’s changed. During Covid we were always struggling to work out what to do. We all wanted to communicate digitally and everything went wrong – Zoom went down, webinars went down.

‘Now I think we’ve moved beyond that. We want to communicate digitally but how do we get that production value? And how do we tell the story in a really, really meaningful way? So we’re seeing a lot of companies thinking about that in a creative way.

‘At the LSE, we’re really lucky. We’ve got our studio team, we’ve got an amazing event space so companies come in there and use that space in a great way.’

Hinton added that companies are conducting more hybrid events, with attendees in person and online. ‘You’ve got the analysts in the room and then you’ve got retail online, participating,’ he said. ‘And what we’re seeing is a great democratization of that information, going to all investors.’

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