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Jan 28, 2015

Roadshows continue reign as most rewarding investor event

Almost half of IROs say roadshows have most to offer

Roadshows are the most rewarding investor event for 48 percent of IROs globally, according to the latest IR Magazine Global Investor Relations Practice Report.

This is followed almost equally by investor conferences at 21 percent and investor days at 19 percent. Ten percent of IROs say site visits are most rewarding, while only 2 percent name reverse roadshows. These numbers are little changed on 2013 figures, when 43 percent of IROs placed the most value on roadshows and around a fifth named investor conferences and investor days.

Regionally, the roadshow remains most rewarding for the majority of IROs across the three regions studied, with at least half of investor relations professionals in North America and Asia (55 percent and 51 percent, respectively) preferring them, while the roadshow is seen as less worthwhile by those in Europe (34 percent). Both investor days and investor conferences make up for this dip in European sentiment regarding roadshows.

Other differences see only 15 percent of North American IR professionals naming investor conferences as the most rewarding event, compared with 27 percent of Europeans and a third of Asian IROs. Conversely, Asians place less weight on both investor days (9 percent) and site visits (5 percent) compared with peers elsewhere.

While variations are also found across different cap sizes, roadshows continue to be named the most rewarding investor event by the majority of IR professionals in all regions and cap sizes.

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Most rewarding investor events - taken from the IR Magazine Global Investor Relations Practice Report 2014 

Garnet Roach

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