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Jul 15, 2022

Jane Henderson from Tesco talks getting back to in-person and inflation concerns

Tesco was nominated for best IR in consumer staples

IR Magazine caught up with Jane Henderson, senior IR manager at Tesco, at the IR Magazine Awards Europe – 2022, where the UK-listed supermarket operator was nominated for best in IR in the consumer staples sector.

Discussing Tesco’s investor outreach over the last year, Henderson said a huge amount of effort has been put in by the IR team. 

‘Navigating this new world as we come out of Covid has been a real challenge – finding out what investors want, if that's virtual, on the road,’ she said. 

‘And inflation always comes up as investors look to us for some guidance in terms of how they can maintain their portfolios through a really tough inflationary environment.’

Henderson added that the IR team is ‘really enjoying’ being back to physical meetings with the market. 

‘It will be interesting to see how that pans out going forward,’ she said. ‘But I think after two years of virtual, we've all been really keen for some face-to-face contact with our investors again.’

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