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Dec 06, 2018

Investor day tips & maintaining investment appeal: From the Citadel Securities post at the NYSE – Ticker 95

The reality is that true outperformance comes from periods of uncertainty

This episode of The Ticker is brought to you from the Citadel Securities post on the floor of the NYSE.

Are reports of the auto and truck supply sector’s investment demise premature? Robert Winters, senior managing director and general manager for Alpha IR Group’s New York Office, thinks so. He believes the sector still has plenty of room to run and offers advice on how IROs can reclaim the narrative. 

Plus, how do you ensure a terrific investor day? Start by asking investors what they want. Corbin Advisors surveyed 254 global financial professionals to discover what they liked – and didn’t like – about investor days. Thang To, vice president and director of IR at Corbin Advisors, shares tips on planning a best-in-class event.