Global Roadshow Report 2017

Jan 03, 2018

A total of 750 IR practitioners replied to the survey questions that make up the IR Magazine Global Roadshow Report 2017. Respondents were asked about their experiences with roadshows over the preceding 12 months, in terms of both their practices and their preferences. The report investigates the frequency, duration and location of roadshow activity, and presents findings on who IROs go on the road with, both from their own management team and the brokers they use.

Globally, more than nine in 10 companies went on the road over the past year, a 1 percentage-point increase on the figure for 2016. More North American and European companies are going on roadshows, with both regions seeing a 2 percentage-point increase from their 2016 figures of 92 percent and 89 percent, respectively. But fewer Asian companies are going on the road: four out of five now do so, compared with 92 percent in 2016.

The report also looks at how many brokers companies typically used for roadshows in the past year, the popularity of top brokers’ roadshows, and the frequency with which companies are prepared to go on the road with certain brokers. It further examines preferred roadshow destinations and the reasons for their popularity.

New sections in this year’s report include analysis by market cap of brokers’ clients and of destinations chosen, as well as a look into how roadshow targets are both chosen and invited to participate. 

Click here to download the IR Magazine Global Roadshow Report 2017.

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