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IR Magazine Spring 2018 edition

An increasingly sophisticated IR profession facing new demands

Working at the heart of a fast-evolving and increasingly strategic profession, IROs are always looking for sources of inspiration and ways to develop their careers. For our spring issue, we do our best to give you a bit of both.

Starting with some inspiration, in our cover story, we hear from IR titan Lynn Antipas Tyson, executive director of IR at Ford, whose enviable career path includes roles at Dell, Pepsi and Yum! Brands. Tyson talks about her job interview as a mutual assessment conversation, her baptism of fire at the company and how the prior arrival of a new CEO was both a challenge and an opportunity to shape the equity story.

IROs seeking to step up will find some food for thought and practical steps in our special section. Andrew Holt reports on how the major IR bodies around the world have built on the success of their initial certification programs to launch next-level IR diplomas to meet both ambitious IROs’ and companies’ demands.

Some people come to IR from a communications background, others from finance. Ben Ashwell looks at how more former sell-side analysts are coming to IR, with new research suggesting they can be a boon by virtue of their ties to the Street – though the trend may have downsides.

In her regular column, Candice de Monts-Petit witnesses the rise of the IR co-ordinator in Europe, the latest must- have for busy IR teams under pressure from Mifid II’s implementation.

All this greater power and influence comes with greater responsibility, of course – but does it come with greater pay? We present our annual research on IR salaries and bonuses, which gives an insight into how much companies around the world are valuing the high-profile IR services they require.

Finally, Garnet Roach uncovers the growing need for IR to measure and disclose data on the often overlooked social component of ESG.


Spring 2018 features:

Lynn Antipas Tyson joined Ford at the end of 2017 and was quickly thrown into a dynamic environment and a busy IR calendar. Ben Ashwell reports.
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Continuous professional development is essential for keeping up to speed with the skills IROs need in a fast-changing market environment, finds Andrew Holt.
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New research suggests former analysts bring improved relationships with the Street. Ben Ashwell investigates the pros and cons of hiring former analyst. 
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Smooch Repovich Reynolds explains how positioning your skills correctly, doing your research and being savvy in negotiations can get you the compensation you deserve. 
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Uncovering how influential the quality of IR is to the investment community and how it affects share price valuation.

The findings from IR Magazine’s annual survey of IR career paths, salaries and bonuses


Ian Williams uncovers the negative impact of non-voting shares on shareholders and the companies they invest in. 
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November’s listing of EN+ on the London Stock Exchange marked the first big London IPO by a Russian company since the 2014 annexation of Crimea. Are we entering a new era of Russian IR? asks Garnet Roach. 
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Highlights from IR Magazine’s awards ceremony in Hong Kong.

Highlights from IR Magazine’s awards ceremony in Singapore.

Activism, Mifid II and award-winning IR formed the agenda at IR Magazine’s Asian conferences. Laurie Havelock reports.
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The social elements of ESG are often lumped in with environmental and governance issues – but, as Garnet Roach finds, investors are increasingly seeking information on the social element as a stand-alone matter. 
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Global IR Forum: All roads lead to European regulation at two-day event in Paris. Garnet Roach reports.
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The latest set of European regulations was an inevitable topic at the IR Magazine Think Thank – UK & Ireland 2017 in London. Andrew Holt reports.


William Francklin of James Hambro & Partners talks to Gill Newton about SEC and Mifid II compliance and investing in long-term successful businesses. 



US ETFs lead the field but passive assets are on the up in Europe, too. As drawn by James Noden.


European investor relations teams can’t get enough of this new breed of IR multi-taskers, finds Candice de Monts-Petit.

Six-month review

15 questions with Air Liquide


When an investor couldn’t attend Ferrovial’s annual managers’ meeting, the IR team persuaded him to put his thoughts on video instead. Garnet Roach reports.


Is there a new asset bubble brewing? Ian Williams has his fears


A single roadshow template does not fit all destinations, reminds Ross MacKay.


A roundup of academic research from the world of IR studies. By Jeff Cossette.


Clare Harrison offers advice to IR recruiters seeking to avoid social media shame.


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