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IR Magazine Awards by Research Awards

    Overview and process

    Our awards-by-research nominees are determined by the input of hundreds of analysts and portfolio managers, who give their opinions on which companies provide them with the best IR service. Every year we invite any publicly listed company to submit their list of buy and sell-side analysts and portfolio managers so that they have the opportunity to vote via our online survey or a telephone call from one of our researchers.

    Research and voting timeframe

    • 8 months prior to the awards - Our marketing team will contact you to submit a list of buy and sell-side analysts and portfolio managers that you have worked with over the past 12 months.
    • 6 months prior to the awards - The voting survey will go live and we will e-mail to inform you that voting has commenced. We will also e-mail to your submitted list of buy and sell-side analysts and portfolio managers informing them to cast their votes via the online survey or over the telephone.
    • 5 months prior to the awards - Voting will close.

    Analyzing the results
    Once the survey/voting period of the research has concluded, the final analysis begins. Votes cast for a particular company or IRO are allocated points based on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place rankings. These points are tallied to calculate the best exponents of IR in each awards category and shortlisted.

    The shortlist is compiled by awards category and contains the highest-scoring company in each of these categories. Once the shortlists have been finalized, shortlisted companies will be contacted by our events teams and given the good news. Shortlists as well as the overall Top 100 or Top 50 (depending on the region) ranked companies will be published in our Top 100 / Top 50 digital publication after the awards event.

    Winning companies and individuals from the awards-by-research will be announced at the IR Magazine Awards.


    Why are you asking me to supply IR Magazine with my buy and sell-side analysts and portfolio managers?
    IR Magazine conducts research directed at analysts and portfolio managers to vote for companies, IROs and senior management who they consider have provided them with the best IR service.

    What is this data used for?
    The data will be used to survey the analysts and portfolio managers, and the results will then be collated to create a shortlist for each category for IR Magazine’s regional awards, as well as to create a Top 100/Top 50 report.

    Is there a data template I can use?
    Yes, click here for the data template.  You DO NOT have to use this template if you already have the data in another format.

    Can I sign a data-sharing agreement?
    Yes, you can. IR Magazine has a data-sharing agreement that clearly shows how we will process and use the data.  This complies with GDPR.

    Can I see your privacy policy?
    Please see our privacy policy here.

    How do I send you my data?
    Either via your company's FTP secure data transfer site or similar. Send us the FTP site link and password separately, so we can download and save the information securely.
    Send the data in an Excel file with their names, firm, job title, direct telephone number and their email address to  Please ensure the file is password protected and that the password is sent to us in a separate email. 

    Will my buy and sell-side analysts and portfolio manager's data be used for any other purpose?
    No.  Any data you send to us will only be used for the purpose of identifying the best current exponents of IR and surveying investment community views on IR topics.  It will not be used for any other purpose or promotion.

    How long will you keep my data for?
    IR Magazine will only keep your data for the purpose of the surveys, and will not keep it any longer than three years.  You can also ask us to delete your data at any time by sending an email to 

    Will my company data be passed on to any third parties?
    No, it will not be passed on to any third parties.

    Will you let me know when you are conducting the survey?
    We will inform you as soon as the survey is underway and give you the opportunity to encourage the investors and analysts who cover your stock to take part.

    When will the winning companies and individuals be announced?
    The winning companies and individuals will be announced at the IR Magazine Awards in the respective region.

    If you have any further questions, please contact our research team.