Top tips from IR Magazine Think Tank

Jan 04, 2018
Takeaways include warning on sell-side research and recommendation to liaise more with the buy side

At the IR Magazine Think Tank – UK & Ireland, held in London in November, many issues were discussed, with some of the thoughts condensed into a list of top tips offered at the end of the day. Many of these focused on the challenge of Mifid II, a timely subject given its launch this week.

Here are the tips for readers to ponder:


  • It’s time to take control and benefit from bringing services in-house


  • Small and mid-caps will have to work harder in the Mifid II environment


  • Sell-side research could be due a long-term shake-up


  • You need to prepare for more liaising with the buy side. Start now


  • Technology solutions are important – but they are just an enabler to get what you want


  • Disciplined tracking and updating data – choosing the right CRM is important, but how you use it is what really matters


  • Time is precious so IROs need to be more selective about who they spend their time with in 2018


  • Innovation doesn’t have to be futuristic. One of the most impactful channels can be as simple as emailing a newsletter round-up


  • Test your website for intuitivism. Would a child be able to find your documents? He or she should


  • Think about data – what are you making available and how will it be used by your constituents? How can it best help you?


  • Preparedness, response and recovery – take the right approach to crisis communications


  • Look to your friends – don’t forget to use internal and external resources effectively in your work.
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