Ten IR tips from investors and analysts in Canada

Feb 13, 2015
<p>Investment professionals offer advice in the <em>IR Magazine Investor Perception Study &ndash; Canada 2015</em></p>

As part of our research for the IR Magazine Awards – Canada 2015, we conducted extensive research into Canadian buy-side and sell-side perspectives on a range of issues.

In their responses, the Canadian portfolio managers and analysts offered plenty of advice about what they like and dislike when it comes to interacting with the IR community. Of course, companies can’t meet all the demands of investors and analysts. But the comments provide useful insight into how IR teams can help support their key external stakeholders. Below, we’ve pulled out 10 examples.

1. ‘IROs should be proactive. They should reach out to us when there’s something important to say’ – buy side

2. ‘I want them to have extensive knowledge specific to the company, like the macro stuff I need to know’ – sell side

3. ‘We shouldn’t be pointing out things they haven’t thought of: they should have their finger on the pulse of the company and the industry’ – sell side

4. ‘I like IR people who can communicate the message from senior management without twisting it. I need to be able to hear the CEO’s point of view’ – buy side

5. ‘An IRO should be kept in the loop by senior management; unfortunately, too often, this is not the case’ – sell side

6. ‘I like IROs to be up to speed about their competitors’ – buy side

7. ‘For me the important things are consistency of message and a willingness to answer questions in a timely way’ – sell side

8. ‘IR teams must have the ability to communicate knowledge of the company. I value in-depth knowledge as opposed to just being able to field questions while they check with someone else for the answers’ – sell side

9. ‘An IRO should never spin’ – sell side

10. ‘I just want them to keep talking to me’ – buy side

The full IR Magazine Investor Perception Study – Canada 2015 includes profiles of highly ranked IR teams and comments from the investment community on issues such as reporting, corporate governance and technology. Click here to find out more.

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