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Dec 06, 2022

IR papers quiz edition: How well do you know IR?

Jeff Cossette tests your IR knowledge with his roundup of academic research about the profession

Part I: Answer yes or no

1) Should your Chinese listed company voluntarily disclose environmental information?

2) Should your annual report disclose ad spending?

3) Vienna Stock Exchange-listed company annual reports are agonizingly difficult to read. Are they hiding something?

4) Can we rely on disclosure to incentivize corporate responsiveness to the climate emergency? (2 points)

5) A hurricane harmlessly passes over your firm’s operations. Should you release a ‘no damage’ report?

6) Is sadness good for the environment?

7) Highly rated ESG firms are more likely than others to have promptly withdrawn or suspended their operations in Russia since that country’s invasion of Ukraine – correct?

Part II: Multiple choice

8) Firms that issue management guidance in conjunction with face-to-face investor meetings reduce investor uncertainty in subsequent earnings announcements by:

a) 5 percent

b) 10 percent

c) 30 percent

9) Which sort of request is most frequent during analyst Q&A?

a) Elaboration

b) Justification

c) Data

10) What percentage of S&P 1500 CEOs appeared on a podcast in 2020?

a) 6.4 percent

b) 22.4 percent

c) 31.4 percent

11) Companies based in which city are most likely to experience elevated trading volume and stock return volatility around earnings announcements?

a) New York

b) Wheeling, WV

c) Tokyo

How did you score? Find out the answers in the Winter 2022 issue of IR Magazine.