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Jan 21, 2019

IR Function report now available

The latest report from IR Magazine is an analysis of how investor relations operates within the corporate structure. Based on responses from over a thousand IR professionals and senior management members, the report breaks down the data by region, cap size.

This report looks at which members of senior management IR reports to and the level of engagement IR has with senior management, board members and internal committees. It investigates the frequency of contact and what types of issues are discussed with them. The report also examines how frequently IR interacts with other divisions of the company.

Key findings

  • Just under six in 10 IR heads report directly to the CFO, while just under three in 10 report directly to the CEO.
  • Four in 10 IR heads meet with their chief executive weekly, while three quarters meet with him/ her at least monthly.
  • More than nine in 10 heads of IR meet their CFO at least once a month, with 72 percent meeting him/her weekly.
  • Smaller companies are more likely than firms of other cap sizes to have weekly meetings with senior management.
  • IR heads who report directly to the CEO have more regular meetings with senior management than heads who report to the CFO.
  • Company strategy is the most frequent topic discussed between IR and senior management.
  • Just over half of IR heads meet with the whole board at least twice a year, with 37 percent meeting with it quarterly.
  • Smaller companies are more likely than firms of other cap sizes to meet with the board quarterly.
  • Nine in 10 investor relations teams are in contact with the accounts/finance department more than once a month.
  • North American IR teams have the highest level of interdepartmental contact. Asian IR teams have the lowest level of contact.


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