Research: Global Salary & Careers 2016 – preview

Mar 15, 2016
<p>A snapshot of key findings from the <em>Global Salary &amp; Careers Report 2015</em>, which covers career paths, salaries and bonuses</p>

Findings in this section are taken from the IR Magazine Global Salary & Careers Report 2015, produced in association with Bloomberg and released in late 2015. 

The report is based upon research conducted in the IR Magazine Global IR Survey of Q3 2015. More than 750 IR practitioners responded to questions relevant to this report. 

The findings give an overview of the professional background of IR professionals, what experience from their previous role has helped them in their investor relations work, and their typical salaries and bonus levels, as well as what they would they like their next role to be.

The complete, in-depth 16-page report is available online to professional subscribers to IR Magazine.

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