Orion Energy hires Reyno Norval to manage investor relations

Oct 16, 2018
Experienced IRO to co-ordinate private equity firm’s IR strategy

Orion Energy Partners, a private equity firm that helps mid-market energy infrastructure companies meet their capital requirements, has hired Reyno Norval to manage its investor relations strategy.

Norval, who takes on the role of managing director for investor relations and business development, has spent more than a decade in the energy infrastructure industry. His expertise ranges from private equity advisory services and capital raising to business development and principal investing.

Norval says ‘a couple of challenges’ await him in the role, such as ‘managing investors’ expectations around allocations and fund size for the next fund’.

‘Given that Orion Energy has made a commitment to stay small in order to continue taking advantage of its unique market opportunity, there will likely only be a modest increase in fund size,’ he says.

‘It’s always a challenge initially to get across to [investors] Orion Energy’s approach to origination, due diligence, value-add and the return profile that goes with it, despite all of our investments being in a senior secured loan form. It really requires investors to look under the hood of each investment and experience it for themselves.’

For the last three years, Norval has worked with the team director at Asante Capital to raise capital for Orion Energy Credit Opportunities Fund II. He has also advised investors at Altius Associates and was principal at two energy companies: EDF Energy and Green Gas International.

‘Our team has been impressed with Reyno’s unique background that encompasses principal investing in energy infrastructure as a direct investor and as a limited partner, coupled with his in-depth knowledge of the institutional investor market, all of which will be great additions to Orion Energy,’ says Nazar Massouh, the firm’s CEO and managing partner, in a statement.

‘We would also like to thank the Asante Capital team for its strong support of Orion Energy to date, including our decision to invite Reyno to become a full-time member of the Orion Energy team.’

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