IR Magazine launches social network for IR professionals

IRspace is a new membership-based social network and knowledge base for the global IR community 

Building on almost 30 years of providing leading publications, reports and events to the global IR community, IR Magazine has launched a new social network and resource site: IRspace.

IRspace is a private social network for corporate IR professionals and senior management at listed companies, enabling them to be more knowledgeable, more effective and more connected to the global IR community.

Members of IRspace will be able to create and manage their profile, including uploading professional photos. They can seek out like-minded peers to share knowledge with by searching for members based on sector, location, functional role and market cap. Once connected, members can interact one-to-one through private messaging and private groups.

In addition, the site contains an extensive, free and searchable knowledge base, granting IROs access to white papers, strategy and planning guides, research reports, investor perception studies and webinar recordings.

Dom Castley, CEO of IR Media, the publisher of IR Magazine, says: ‘IRspace will provide a much-needed space for the global IR community in which to network, exchange knowledge and solve problems. Its vision is to become an indispensable daily resource and community touchpoint for busy IROs who work in small, often isolated teams and are constantly on the road.’

IRspace’s professionally moderated forum allows members to post queries and discussion topics and receive answers from a community of global IROs. For more sensitive discussion topics, members are able to post anonymously. The forum also provides an opportunity for members to compare best practices and promote their own blog posts and thought-leadership.

Richard Jones, head of IR, corporate communications & sustainability at Indorama Ventures in Thailand, says: ‘Unlike other more general social media, IRspace will allow you to discuss ideas with people who really understand you and your job.

‘It should also allow IROs to understand that there is not just one way of achieving our goals, and that the exchange of how ‘IR is done somewhere else’ could add to your experience quotient.’

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