OTCQX CEO Video Series: Bitcoin Investment Trust

This video is the first in OTCQX’s CEO Video Series, featuring an interview with Barry Silbert, creator of Grayscale’s Bitcoin Investment Trust (OTCQX: GBTC), and Jason Paltrowitz, OTC Markets Group executive vice president

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This video interview with the creator of Bitcoin Investment Trust looks at his experience of taking the organization public, its plans for future strategy, and more.

This content is provided by OTC Markets and did not involve 
IR Magazine journalists.


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3 IPO alternatives for small-cap companies

The public markets offer tremendous benefits for small-cap companies seeking to raise capital and grow their businesses. Unfortunately, smaller issuers have been shut out of the IPO market due to rising costs and a lack of institutional support.

We provide three alternative IPO methods that offer a faster, less expensive and less regulatorily burdensome path to a public listing:

  • Reverse merger
  • Slow PO
  • Regulation A+

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This paper is the second in a series dedicated to addressing small-cap investor relations issues. You can revisit the first report in the series here:

OTC Markets Group operates the OTCQX Best Market, the OTCQB Venture Market and the Pink Open Market for 10,000 US and global securities. We enable investors to easily trade through the broker of their choice and empower companies to improve the quality of information available for investors. With more than 6,000 small and micro-cap companies trading on our markets, we are uniquely positioned to understand their needs and the issues they face, and help them effectively navigate the public markets.

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