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IR Magazine launches latest round of IR practices survey

The latest round of IR Magazine’s Global Investor Relations Survey has launched. You can add your voice to the discussion by clicking on the link below and completing the questionnaire.

Click here to take the survey.

Key focus areas in this round of survey are managing your sell-side coverage, engaging with hedge funds and ESG communications. The questions take on average only five minutes to complete.

The more survey respondents we have, the more valid and accurate the results will be. This will in turn enable us to provide greater insight into current best practice, changing sentiment and new developments in investor relations.

On completing the survey you will be able to download key findings from our previous surveys. We’ll also enter your name into a prize draw to win a new Apple Watch.

Please note that the survey is confidential and the information you provide will not be attributed to either you or your company.


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Surveillance 2.0, Options Trading and Predictive Analytics

As the capital markets continue to develop and grow more complex, IROs need to focus on expanding their stock surveillance intelligence to include all relevant points of market data.

In this whitepaper from Q4 Inc, you’ll find real life examples of companies that went through major market shifts that were not detectable through traditional market intelligence and stock surveillance. Taking a quantitative, 360° approach, Q4 Inc's indicators were able to detect tell-tale signs that change and market movement were in the air. This resource will break down what those signs were and outline the importance of monitoring these signs in order to stay ahead of market changes.

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