Investor targeting: six popular myths dispelled

Tips to help boost your targeting strategy

This article, produced by IR Magazine in partnership with Cowen, runs down six targeting beliefs that don’t stand up to scrutiny. For example:

  • Myth 1: If an investor owns the stock of one of my peers, it will want to own my stock too
  • Myth 2: I shouldn’t worry about spending time with new investors
  • Myth 3: Shareholders that bought stock in our IPO are the ones I should focus on
  • Myth 4: I should avoid hedge funds

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IR Website Best Practices

The most effective IR website is one that successfully tells your investment story, by providing investors with compelling and informative context that ultimately influences their decision to invest. While providing financial data and reports is important, what separates the best sites in the world are those that focus on providing context on the company’s strategy and clarity about the company’s execution and vision.

This whitepaper elaborates on IR website best practices and is divided into five sections:

  • Intuitive use
  • Mobile
  • Company information and strategy
  • Access to financial data
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Download this whitepaper >>

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