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January 13, 2016

Resolution proposes recruiting ‘people of color’ for board and management positions

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December 22, 2015

Uncertain risk outlook and rising interest rates to help shape investment strategies, Hermes says in 2016 outlook

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November 26, 2015

Country snapshots of some of the top concerns companies are set to face in the upcoming proxy season

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November 25, 2015

What next for proxy access? Will directors come under fire for overboarding? What’s the reaction to France’s Florange law? 

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November 3, 2015

Data from Proxy Insight suggests investors still disagree over contentious topics

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October 30, 2015

ISS accepts comment until November 9 on 16 proposed voting policy changes

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October 14, 2015

Proxy Insight says most investors follow in-house policies when making voting decisions

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September 18, 2015

Shareholder rebellions at five FTSE 100 companies plus votes against directors leave unresolved pay issues

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September 15, 2015

Ethix head will lead ISS responsible investment business initiatives

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September 8, 2015

A look at the big proxy themes of the year, from proxy access to say on pay and director communication

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