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November 10, 2016

UK business body wants government to introduce binding vote on pay 

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October 18, 2016

Fund groups back campaign to vote against boards lacking women 

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August 29, 2016

Ian Williams ponders the best way to hire a figurehead

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July 19, 2016

Council of Institutional Investors warns HR5311 would weaken governance in US public companies to the detriment of investors

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June 29, 2016

Latest ProxyPulse report looks at director elections, say on pay and proxy access

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April 6, 2016

Shareholder proposals concerning the environment rocket to 94 in 2016

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March 7, 2016

Simple steps to help get your story across to increasingly active index funds

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February 29, 2016

Include a cover letter, explain executive compensation and use graphic design to help get the message across

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February 5, 2016

Bank voted in line with board recommendations 92 percent of the time, annual report says

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January 13, 2016

Resolution proposes recruiting ‘people of color’ for board and management positions

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