Research Section: Going global

IR Magazine’s company rankings now cover top firms from around the world

The coming months bring two significant research-related developments for IR Magazine. September sees the launch of our brand new website,, complete with a revamped research section.

This new section will include interactive regional rankings, providing key company profile data. This information will also be available in our new IR benchmarking tool, which will allow users to create their own bespoke reports, comparing companies across sectors, cap sizes and regions.

And on the subject of comparing performance across regions, November sees IR Magazine and NIRI co-host the inaugural Global IR Forum. The event, to be held in New York on November 18-20, will feature a gala reception celebrating the first IR Magazine Global Top 50, held in partnership with BNY Mellon.

In this section we unveil the list of companies that have made it into the top 50, plus the short lists for the awards of Global Top IRO, Global Top Small Cap and Global Top Mid-Cap, which will be presented on the night. We also take the opportunity to compare the companies on each short list using information taken from our new benchmarking tool.

Congratulations to all the companies that have made it into the Global Top 50 and we hope to see you in New York in November.

Global Top 50 held in partnership with BNY Mellon


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