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Jul 20, 2022
‘Dire levels of pessimism’: BofA Bull & Bear Indicator remains at ‘max bear’
Half of investors want corporates to shore up balance sheets amid what Bank of America (BofA) describes as ‘dire levels of investor pessimism’. This is now the most popular choice among investors responding to the monthly BofA Fund Manager Survey (FMS) – far more so than looking for companies to increase capex (29 percent) or buybacks (15 percent). The July survey shows global growth expectations to be at an all-time low at net -79 percent. The f...
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Jul 01, 2022
The week in investor relations: Companies on abortion access, worst first half in 50 years for US stocks and new ETFs go after the ‘night effect’
– Reuters (paywall) reported that a growing number of large US companies have said they will cover travel costs for employees who must leave their home states to access abortions, but these new policies could expose businesses to lawsuits and even potential criminal liability, according to legal experts., Apple, Lyft, Micr...
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