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Jun 28, 2022
Xtep discusses its award-winning annual report and IR program
Xtep International Holdings, the Chinese sportswear company, walked away with two prizes at the IR Magazine Awards – Greater China 2021: best annual report (mid-cap) and best IR in the consumer discretionary sector. The company was nominated in three further categories: best overall IR (mid-cap), best IR officer (mid-cap) and IR Magazine’s choice award for innovation. Speaking to I...
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Jun 16, 2022
NIRI 2022: Personal stories help corporate America’s leaders take social stands
Companies that show the ‘courage of their convictions’ in times of societal change prompt investors to ask what other qualities those companies have, said Helena Foulkes, former CVS executive and Democratic governor candidate for Rhode Island, to the NIRI Conference audience. Foulkes joined Jeffrey Solomon, chairman and chief executive at investment bank Cowen, and Yale’s Professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld in a panel discussion at the NIRI 2022 Annual Conference las...
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Jun 14, 2022
All hands on deck: Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings’ rising star talks all things IR
‘I had never even been on a cruise at that point!’ says Jessica John, thinking back to the immense impact of Covid-19, which struck just three months into her new IR role at Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings (NCLH). Putting that impact into perspective, she says: ‘The entire cruise industry was shut down, with zero operations and no end in sight. We were in a unique situation, even compared with other hard-hit travel, leisure and hospitality companies.’ ...
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Jun 13, 2022
The neglected art of financial communication
Communication is one of the most-neglected management skills. If we look at management courses, we do not usually find specific communication subjects, or they are only marginally included. These courses are focused on technical aspects of the finance function such as company valuation models, accounting consolidation and derivative strategies. Making the situation worse, press officers often lack solid financial knowledge. The problem is that poor communication has...
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Jun 09, 2022
Highlights from the IR Magazine Forum – Equality in IR 2022
Five years ago, IR Magazine first investigated differences in seniority and pay between men and women in the IR profession. We found that while the number of men and women working in IR was roughly the same, far more men held head of IR roles. On average, men also received higher pay than their female peers. The results, while depressing, were not surprising. Survey other industries, especially those related to the financial markets, and you will find simil...
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