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Oct 22, 2021
Is ESG relevant for mid & small-cap companies?
ESG has risen to become a dominant issue over the last two years. This has been driven by many factors, including greater transparency, the growing demand for climate action, increasing regulation and the need for companies to demonstrate a clear license to operate. But there has ...
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Oct 15, 2021
Nike shareholders vote on social proposals
Nike shareholders have given indications of significant support for a number of social measures – although none secured a majority. Four social-based shareholder proposals were up for a vote at Nike’s AGM last week. The board had urged shareholders to vote against each of them. Of the four proposals, a request that Nike publish annual repor...
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Oct 13, 2021
Opinion: Corporate social responsibility is dead
SEC commissioner Allison Herren Lee recently spoke about a paradigm shift with respect to ESG. In a June 2021 address at the Society for Corporate Governance national conference, she explained that ESG issues had traditionally been referred to as ‘corporate social responsibility’ (CSR) issues, and treated as if they were separate from the business of generating revenue and earning profits....
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Oct 07, 2021
Problem solver: Which ESG data requests should you respond to?
In this regular article, we ask IR professionals how they would respond to a specific operational issue. In this article, we asked how IR and sustainability teams determine which requests for ESG data to respond to, and how to ensure investors are receiving the ESG information they need. Abbigael Foster, senior analyst in sustainability at Equinix, says: Investors today want readily available, decision-useful ESG information on companies in w...
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Oct 07, 2021
Comment: What to do when investors feel there’s a misalignment on pay for performance
Executive compensation has been one of the most widely discussed issues for shareholders in recent history. Pay for performance is the mantra of shareholders and investors; the issue of a material disconnect between pay and performance has always been at the heart of executive compensation and a real area of contention for shareholders and investors. An improperly compensated executive can cost shareholders financially and can lead to a misalignment of the interests of exe...
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Oct 06, 2021
Assessing China’s radical climate goals
Betting against Chinese progress when it comes to commitments on climate change has been a losing strategy for some time now. You may not think of the country as ‘green’ but, from a low base, it has been hitting the gas (so to speak) in accelerating efforts forward. This was most recently demonstrated by China’s radical ambition to be carbon net-neutral by 2060. This is important. China is the world’s largest carbon emitter and its economy fast growing in sc...
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