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May 17, 2021
Retail Investors report now available
IR Magazine has released a new report examining how IR engages with retail investors. The report investigates the current levels of retail investment, how these have changed in recent times and how satisfied IROs are with these investment levels. The report also looks at how best to communicate with retail investors and how engagement with them differs from dealings with institutional investors.   ...
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May 12, 2021
Spac-talk: Bringing IR and PR together in Ticker 124
KCSA Strategic Communications’ Lewis Goldberg and Jeffrey Goldberger discuss the forces shaping the current market for special purpose acquisition companies (Spacs) and the role communications teams play in the Spac process, pre and post-conversion. We all know there’s been a Spac boom. But Goldberg and Goldberger spoke to IR Magazine’s Jeff Cossette as things had ‘ground to a stop’. ‘This week (April 19) is the first week since March 2020 when we haven...
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May 05, 2021
Shareholder monitoring: How the right ownership data can accelerate company growth
Discerning ownership for public companies is a complex and often frustrating matter for issuers and advisers alike. Combing through regulatory filings is cumbersome, prone to error and can often lead to data comparisons that are akin to comparing apples with oranges. There are many financial data platforms available to do the work for you but, even if the publicly reported data is perfect and timely, issuers are still going to miss a significant portion of their shareholde...
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