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Apr 29, 2021
Read all about it! How ESG hit the headlines last summer
As colleagues, we are true believers that ESG frameworks can help companies address risk, increase transparency in reporting and strengthen relationships with investors, employees, customers, suppliers, regulators and communities. Given the explosive growth in ESG investing and reporting, media reporting naturally followed. The first tranche of media stories focused on the financial or business perspectives, including whether there was a link to materiality and risk...
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Apr 27, 2021
TSX: Just 10 percent of companies cut executive pay in 2020
Only around 10 percent of TSX companies issued some form of pay cut to CEOs, other executives, or their board of directors in 2020, according to research from Diligent. And where cuts were implemented, they were minimal. ‘Using 2019 realized compensation as the basis, we find that the pay cuts issued by the companies represent only about 1 perce...
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Apr 26, 2021
‘Rule number one was authenticity’: The story behind Aecon’s first sustainability report
Early in Aecon Group’s sustainable reporting journey, the Canadian infrastructure company established some North Stars that continue to guide its actions today, explained speakers at the IR Magazine Forum – Canada 2021. ‘One of them was authenticity,’ said Yonni Fushman, Aecon’s executive vice president, chief legal officer, chief sustainability officer and corporate secretary.  In the session, representatives from Aecon discussed the creation of t...
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Apr 22, 2021
Sixty-eight out of 77 industries significantly affected by climate risk, according to SASB
SASB released an updated Climate Risk Technical Bulletin earlier this week to help companies better understand how they can disclose climate risk in a manner that would provide investors with helpful information. SASB’s standards divide companies into 77 industries and provide industry-specific ESG reporting suggestions, based on financial materiality. As part of this latest review, SASB finds that 68 of the 77 industries are significantly affected in some way by ...
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Apr 09, 2021
The week in investor relations: Global highs, no to J&J CEO pay package and bumper dividend from Samsung
– Markets hit record highs this week, with Europe’s Stoxx 600 recovering all of its pandemic-driven losses with investors betting on ‘a speedy global economic recovery, spurred by bumper stimulus spending and Covid-19 vaccination programs,’ reported Reuters. The S&P 500 also hit a new high and the news agency noted it took Europe’s benchmark equity index seven months ...
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Apr 01, 2021
Chevron faces two climate change shareholder proposals
Chevron Corporation shareholders are set to vote on two climate change-related proposals after the SEC rejected efforts to exclude them – although it gave no-action relief for excluding two similarly themed proposals. The proposals come as investor interest in climate change issues has ramped up over the past year and as the topic is gaining renewed attention from US regulators. The Biden administration has made the climate crisis a priority and there are already ...
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