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Dec 09, 2020
Strong corporate purpose correlates with improved financial results, study finds
When the Business Roundtable released its Statement on Corporate Purpose in August 2019, it was met with equal praise and skepticism. By the strictest definition of investor relations, stakeholder capitalism and corporate purpose should be important only if investors deem them to be material, but the continued evolution of ESG engagement shows that materiality is dynamic and def...
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Dec 08, 2020
Covid reality check: How to improve virtual ESG engagement with investors
Just weeks after Isabel Green joined Rolls-Royce as head of IR in March, global travel ceased. Demand for engines and maintenance sputtered and the company’s share price plunged to a 17-year-low before regaining altitude on news of Covid-19 vaccine breakthroughs. ‘When the chips are down, you see the real priorities in a company,’ Green told the IR Magazine ESG Integration Forum – Europe....
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Dec 07, 2020
IR papers: ESG and retail investors
The irrelevance of ESG reporting SRI – now encompassing more than 25 percent of professionally invested dollars in the US – has sparked enormous demand for ESG disclosure. But virtually none of that demand, it appears, is coming directly from retail investors. A unique analysis of trading data from popular online brokerage Robinhood Markets detects no reaction to issuer-sourced ESG press releases. ‘Every single disclosure we looked at ...
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Dec 03, 2020
Nasdaq targets board diversity with ‘comply or explain’ plan
Nasdaq is moving to increase diversity on the boards of its listed companies amid growing pressure from investors and state laws for greater inclusion of under-represented groups – or at least disclosure around the issue. Nasdaq on Tuesday filed a proposal with the SEC to adopt new listing rules. Failure to comply will result in a company being ki...
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Dec 02, 2020
Asset managers complain CFA’s proposed ESG standards will sow confusion, not clarity
CFA Institute’s plan to create a global ESG standard has triggered concern among some US and European asset managers already juggling overlapping regulations and rising costs in a crowded space. Virginia-based CFA Institute, which offers chartered financial analyst certification globally, is forging ahead with its consultation, gathering feedback on its proposed principles of voluntary ESG disclosure standards for investment products. It aims to issue a draft volu...
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