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Dec 27, 2019
A year of firsts: AXA Equitable Holdings’ governance head discusses the company’s change in ownership
When Jessica Olich joined AXA Equitable Holdings as its vice president, senior assistant secretary and associate general counsel in September 2018, it was a different company to the one that she now works at. In the fall of 2018, the company was controlled by its French parent company, AXA. But by the end of March 2019, following three rounds of secondary offerings, AXA’s share of the company had fallen to 48 percent – meaning that AXA Equitable Holdings was no ...
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Dec 18, 2019
Issuers look to own ESG story, in spite of raters and rankers
Companies are grappling with how much time to spend on their own ESG reporting compared with completing surveys and engaging with ESG ratings agencies, according to speakers at the recent ESG Integration Forum, held earlier this month. Christina Wong, director at SustainAbility, an ERM Group company, started the ESG Integration Forum by presenting some preliminary findings from the company’s research. This data suggested that while investors subscribe to third-par...
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Dec 13, 2019
Twenty-first century corporate governance moves into adulthood
Twenty-first century corporate governance is about to enter its 20s – or, phrased differently, its teenage years are about to end. Like most teenagers, it has been unpredictable and unruly, with a tendency toward melodrama. Also like most teenagers, however, it has matured almost in spite of itself and, hopefully, will enter its 20s as a more reasonable and responsible creature. With a new decade about to be upon us, I’ve been contemplating some of the highlight...
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Dec 11, 2019
Building an effective ESG engagement and disclosure plan
Sponsored content Given investors’ growing focus on ESG issues, public companies need to take a strategic approach to ESG disclosure and engagement. But that’s easier said than done. Companies starting out on their ESG journey are faced with a myriad of choices about how to implement sustainability programs and report on their progress.  To help cut through the clutter, our ...
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Dec 04, 2019
How to upgrade your ESG communications
Companies releasing ESG information must link it to the profitability of the company and the sustainability of the business model.  That was the message from Rosanna Burcheri, portfolio manager at Artemis Investment Management, who was speaking at the ESG Integration Forum – Europe, hosted by IR Magazine and online sister publication Corporate Secretary. ‘What is important for investors like me is to be able to quantify the action [companies are...
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Dec 04, 2019
EU taxonomy for sustainable activities to ‘determine discount rates that investors apply,’ says M&G Investments
The EU Action Plan on sustainable investing should become critical to how investors value companies, according to Ben Constable-Maxwell, head of sustainable and impact investing at M&G Investments. Speaking at the ESG Integration Forum – Europe, hosted by IR Magazine and online sister publication Corporate Secretary, Constable-Maxwell said: ‘The action plan is going to be such a central driver of the integration of ESG and sustainability in the mark...
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Dec 02, 2019
IR Magazine Winter 2019
A light in the dark I recently spoke to Jim Toes, CEO of the Security Traders Association, about how the unprecedented number of issuer letters sent to the SEC about the access-fee pilot last year could be a sign that IR teams are getting more up to speed on market structure issues. He cited the increase in trading activity on dark pools as another issue IR teams need to be aware of. ‘Understanding where your stock is traded, why and b...
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