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Sep 27, 2019
IR Magazine announces winners of Small Cap Awards
Investor relations at small and micro-cap companies is distinct from larger public companies. The teams and budgets are often smaller, while there are unique challenges around gaining analyst coverage, as the several speakers at yesterday’s IR Magazine Forum – Small Cap US discussed. For the third year, IR Magazine recognized the best and brightest in small and micro-cap investor relations. The winners, as revealed in a presentation at the OTC Markets o...
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Sep 24, 2019
Best practices in IR for community and regional banks
Transparency, timeliness, relevant data and results drivers are among the key considerations all bank IR teams should have top of mind as they prepare their company’s earnings reports, conference call materials and other important communications for analysts and investors. The most effective IR officers approach their jobs as facilitators of consistent and meaningful communication between management and Wall Street, said Aaron Deer, a managing director of equity r...
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Sep 04, 2019
First Resource Bank: A look inside IR at a community bank
When asked to name her responsibilities, Lauren Ranalli, CFO of First Resource Bank, rattles off a range of departments. ‘You tend to have 12 titles when you work for a bank this size,’ she explains. Across the US there are several thousand small financial firms, termed community banks, serving the local areas in which they operate. While they do not have the clout or assets of bigger industry peers – most community banks manage less than $1 bn – they make u...
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