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Jul 24, 2019
China overtakes US on Fortune Global 500 list
The new Fortune Global 500 list, published by the magazine this week, sees more China-based companies – including 10 from Taiwan – make the list than those from the US in what Allan Murray, Fortune president and CEO, describes as marking ‘an important world power transition’. The record number of Chinese companies making the list has hit 129 – up from 120 last year, and overtaking the number of US firms that have made the annual ranking of the wor...
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Jul 12, 2019
Forward to the past: The decline and fall of Deutsche Bank
Deutsche Bank announced a strategic change of direction last week: a complete withdrawal from the equities business, 18,000 job cuts, $6 bn of cost-cuts by 2022 and a fundamental refocus of its business toward its traditional customer group. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and Deutsche has muddled through the decade since the financial crisis with only modest reforms at the edges and no credible vision for the future. The bank’s market capitalization ...
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Jul 04, 2019
Female financial leaders call for increase in women-led IPOs
Female leaders from leading financial companies were at the London Stock Exchange (LSE) this week calling for the number of female-led businesses going public to triple by 2025 as part of a campaign by the WealthiHer Network.  The network, which promotes female-led business, wants to see the number of female-led IPOs increasing from the current 10 percent to 30 percent over the next six years. It aims to use the financial clout of some of its partner firms – Barc...
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