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Mar 14, 2019
Educating generalists: Top tips for IROs
The central problem: explaining your equity story. The complexities: a specialist topic and generalist investors. The horizon: a meeting environment made up of conferences, roadshows and corporate headquarters with meetings usually limited to 45 minutes to an hour. Sound familiar? I would think so.  Communicating with generalist investors tends to rely very much on a personal effort from IR, while meetings with specialists tend to be more target-oriented, making th...
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Mar 11, 2019
Mifid II to become global standard via US push
The long-held belief that Mifid II will become a global standard seems to be taking shape, with asset managers including Invesco, Wellington Management, Dodge & Cox, T Rowe Price and MFS pushing the SEC to allow them to apply Mifid II cost transparency rules in the US. In October 2017 the SEC gave US banks and brokers a 30-month reprieve to abide by Mifid II, givin...
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