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Jul 01, 2020
The changing face of financial reporting on social media
The annual performance ranking of financial results reporting on social media channels by FTSE 100 companies, published by advisory firm FTI Consulting and based on an assessment of volume, quality and impact over 12 months, shows that corporate audiences are more engaged than ever when it comes to content. Gone are the days of posting the main half-year or full-year financial numbers alongside a few carefully chosen words from the CEO. The most successful companies...
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Jul 01, 2020
Wednesday winner: Blackbaud’s use of social media
Blackbaud has been on a roll at IR Magazine’s US Awards, winning best use of technology and social media in 2019 and rising star for Mark Furlong in 2018. In this video interview, Steve Hufford, Blackbaud’s director of investor relations, talks about the IR team’s use of social media and the extent to which Covid-19 has affected its IR program.  This is the first episode in a new socially distanced video series in which we will profile past IR Magazi...
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Jun 09, 2020
Last word: The new meeting paradigm
For the modern IRO who has already weathered the industry-wide storm of ‘innovative online working practices’, taking meetings, site visits and even investor lunches online-only should not pose much of a problem. But as we spend more time away from our colleagues – and more time in isolation with loved ones – some professional standards may slip. With that in mind, here are some handy tips for ensuring your virtual meetings in the time of Covid-19 remain up to stan...
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Jun 08, 2020
What if an executive posts earnings results before their release?
Marisa Jacobs, former investor relations officer at Crocs, says: The best way to proceed following an inadvertent early release of earnings-related information depends on the specifics of the situation. The scenario suggests the executive is in a time zone ahead of the company’s. If so, the release would presumably be keyed up for issuance in a few hours in any event. The company should immediately issue the press release and a corresponding 8K, b...
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Jun 01, 2020
IR papers: How social media influences investors
The social media sentiment effect More and more institutional investors track social media for insights into investor and consumer sentiment, and a new study sheds light on how they use that data. Examining changes in customer-expressed emotional content for 38 corporate brands, researchers find that investors’ stockholding reactions differ according to their investing style. Dedicated investors and quasi-indexers boost their holdings when faced w...
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May 19, 2020
IROs urged to monitor AI adoption by investors
With the use of artificial intelligence (AI) by investors set to grow, IR teams should track adoption by different funds and offer help sourcing relevant data, according to new research.  The transition remains at an early stage, however, with most asset managers not yet using AI techniques and fully ‘AI-powered’ funds accounting for just a small part of the overall buy side.  The study, produced by IHS Markit and due for release later today, investigat...
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May 11, 2020
How firms are using corporate websites to communicate about Covid-19
As the world continues to experience a profound impact from the coronavirus pandemic, companies are stepping up to communicate the measures they are taking to support their employees and suppliers, and reassure investors. Some have even gone the extra mile, changing their business operations to work with peers and support governments to help curb the spread of the virus. No matter what response strategies are implemented, it is clear companies are using their websit...
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May 05, 2020
IROs adopting virtual meetings en masse, study finds
Less than 50 percent of IR professionals had participated in virtual investor meetings before the Covid-19 outbreak, but nine in 10 will include virtual meetings in their plans for the next 12 months, according to a recent survey from IHS Markit.  The spread of Covid-19 has had an impact on all aspects of business and prompted IR professionals to discover alternative ways to engage with investors amid travel restrictions and business shutdowns.  The vast ma...
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Apr 29, 2020
The IR threat of deep-fake videos
Disinformation attacks could pose a growing threat that investors and corporations may not be prepared to handle, a leading consultant tells IR Magazine’s podcast The Ticker.  Antonio Ortolani, a global media analytics and measurement consultant at the Brunswick Group, says 2020 may be the year of the deep-fake and recommends th...
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