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Nov 20, 2020
IR tech spend decreases, despite increased usage
Even as technology budgets shrink, IR teams are leveraging websites, videoconferences, surveillance and targeting tools to a greater extent, and report high satisfaction levels.   While the median spend remains $20,000-$49,999, the overall spend has decreased in the last two years, according to the IR Magazine Global IR Survey, conducted in Q3 2020. The survey gathered information from 249 participants. More than a third (36 percent) report spending less tha...
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Oct 21, 2020
Understanding active investing tools and technology
Although active asset management has existed for centuries, the modern variation has grown increasingly complex. As a rough guide, it is useful to break active investors into broad categories of fundamental investors, quantitative (or systematic) investors and ‘quantamental’ investors. Fundamental investors rely primarily on traditional subjective research scrutinizing both standard financial metrics and increasingly using factor models to deter...
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Oct 15, 2020
The world’s top companies for online IR
Every year, Bowen Craggs reviews and ranks the websites and social channels of the world’s 200 largest companies by market capitalization. Each company is scored across a range of metrics, from navigation and visual design to the service provided for journalists, jobseekers, customers, CSR professionals and investors. UK energy giant BP comes top for serving all these audiences in the 2020 ranking, followed by Nestlé, GSK, Bayer and Unilever. You can find the ful...
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Oct 01, 2020
Tech talk: Bringing VR to IR
Sir Noel Mobbs, born in 1878 and one of the original founders of Slough Trading Estates, is talking you through 100 years of the company now known as SEGRO. Before your eyes a 1930s car factory transforms into one that produces jam, and a full-sized train steams past to collect goods before you’re treated to a Thunderbird 2 flyby. You’re taken from the past to the present and into SEGRO’s vision of the future, too. You end your tour in a room where you can handle obj...
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Sep 29, 2020
Managing quarter-end chaos
Sponsored content Preparing for the end of the quarter is always a busy time for investor relations professionals. Public companies are required to provide a quarterly update on their business performance no later than 45 days after the end of the quarter, and preparing the materials and messaging for the earnings call is no small task.  Since the Covid-19 outbreak, the task has become more complex from both a messaging and a logistics perspective; ...
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Sep 07, 2020
IR coffee breaks: Your virtual support group
Each Thursday at 11.00 am you can find up to 40 IR professionals logged into the IR coffee breaks meeting set up by Marina Calero, director at London and Dublin-headquartered Powerscourt, discussing everything from which virtual AGM providers have worked well to when might be a good time to restart the dividend. Calero is a natural networker and had previously run a number of breakfast meetings, where topics included Mifid II and AGM prep. But that was in a pre-...
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Sep 02, 2020
Professional IR adds up to a quarter of value at GCC banks, finds research
IR quality is the third-most important valuation driver at banks in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region, with top-level IR able to add as much as 24.2 percent to price/tangible book value (P/TBV), according to new analysis from Dubai-based Iridium Advisors.  The firm built AI algorithms, known as the Iridium Quant Lens ML algorithms, to run through around 9 mn data points, covering 673 banks worldwide for each quarter over the last 10 years. Iridium says the ...
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