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Mar 26, 2014
Around 18 months ago I attended the IR Magazine winter think tank in London. One of the sessions addressed the issue of dealing with sell-side analysts, and much of the conversation focused on having too many analysts and whether the market could be better informed about a company if that firm had fewer analysts covering it. I reme...
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Mar 25, 2014
Small-cap IROs face two key challenges, says Darrell Heaps, CEO of IR websites and social media solutions provider Q4 Web Systems: a need to raise the firm’s profile, and a lack of resources. ‘These [issues] kind of run counter to each other,’ he says. ‘There are things you can do to generate awareness but they take up a lot of time. Ho...
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Mar 24, 2014
The capital markets have not been kind to smaller companies over the last decade and a half. Shrinking sell-side research, waning market maker capital commitments and a scarcity of engaged buy-and-hold investors is the new reality for many small and mid-cap IROs. Despite high-profile issues like Facebook and Twitter, the steady 15-year ...
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Mar 21, 2014
Ed Beal is a senior investment manager on the UK and European equities team at Aberdeen Asset Management. Here he talks about the UK-focused Dunedin Smaller Companies Investment Trust, which started in 1927 and counts among its clients several grandchildren of the original investors. ...
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Mar 20, 2014
Watching growth markets – those second boards, junior markets, alternative stock exchanges and other trading platforms for small and micro-cap companies – is like listening to indie music stations instead of Top 40 radio: new names with big dreams and always a whiff of risk. Even new industries: l...
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Mar 19, 2014
As many companies know through painful experience, a lack of research coverage is a serious impediment to attracting new investors. Without it, investors may view a business as unvetted or too difficult to value. And life for the under-followed hasn’t become any easier in recent years: the financial crisis prompted brokers to ...
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