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Dec 19, 2018
Advisory Intelligence: The shape of rates to come
Sponsored content The role of low interest rates has been a big point of economic debate, with a 2017 IMF report warning that maintaining them at such low rates could put the global financial sector at risk. Chris Scully, a Chicago-based analyst at Nasdaq IR Intelligence, understands this message. ‘A prolonged period of low interest rates is not really healthy for the market, because what we start seeing are investors taking too much risk. Also from a bus...
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Dec 11, 2018
How IROs are managing debt relationships
Innovative corporate capital raising, particularly in the tech sector, is blurring the distinction between public and private companies. It is also eroding the line between debt and equity holdings. Non-voting stocks look and feel like a bond without the guarantees, and bondholders respond to their increasing weight in companies with a growing interest in corporate governance and management issues. Symptomatically, the Financial Times reported this year tha...
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Dec 11, 2018
Hong Kong set to win global IPO crown
Hong Kong is set to take the global IPO crown this year for the most money raised in stock market flotations, narrowly beating competitor bourse the NYSE, according to London-based financial analytics firm Dealogic. Companies listing in Hong Kong have sold shares worth $31.4 bn so far this year, the highest total in eight years, compared with $30.2 bn o...
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Dec 04, 2018
European companies pull listing plans at fastest rate in seven years
European companies are pulling their plans to list shares at the quickest rate in seven years, citing weak markets and a poor appetite from investors for new issues, according to data from London-based financial analytics firm Dealogic. Already this year, 45 IPOs worth more than a mammoth $10.1 bn have been abandoned. That is a rise from just 12 IPOs estimated at $4.6 bn that were withdrawn in the same period last year. These include Dutch car leasing company...
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Nov 29, 2018
Vietnam IPOs lead the way in Asia
IPOs in Vietnam have led the way in 2018, making up more than half ($6.2 bn) of the total $12 bn raised across South East Asia, according to Deloitte. Across the South East Asia region, Vietnam and Thailand dominated with three major listings in 2018. Vietnamese real estate developer Vinhomes Joint Stock Company took the top spot with $3.6 bn raised, followed by Thailand Future Fund, which raised $1.8 bn and Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Ba...
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Oct 24, 2018
Aira survey reveals poor sell-side research trend
A survey from the Australasian Investor Relations Association (Aira) finds that more than 70 percent of respondents from the IR community think sell-side earnings estimates are increasingly flawed and out of date. Around 40 percent of respondents say sell-side research has depreciated in quality and quantity over the last 18 months, much of it containing dated and unhelpful information. In that time, firms in th...
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Sep 25, 2018
Hong Kong on track to top IPO destinations for 2018, says KPMG
Hong Kong’s buoyant market is expected to propel the city to take the title of top IPO destination for 2018, according to figures released by KPMG China. A strong Q3 performance coupled with a robust listing pipeline led KPMG to revise its annual IPO fundraising forecast for the city from HK$250 bn ($32 bn) to more than HK$300 bn. Analysis from the company’s research shows that for Q3 alone, the city’s main board is set to record HK$190 bn in total fund...
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Aug 24, 2018
US listings boosted by Chinese companies in 2018
US listings by Chinese companies have increased despite trade frictions, as tech startups flee the mainland and Hong Kong markets, with the trend likely to continue. Mainland Chinese companies raised $5.9 bn through IPOs this year through to August 17, more than the $3.8 bn raised in all of 2017, according to data from London-based financial markets analytical firm Dealogic. This will be the biggest year for Chinese IPOs in the US since 2014, when Chinese e-c...
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Aug 22, 2018
IROs lead to lower stock volatility and more accurate analyst coverage, study finds
In-house IROs are better than IR agencies at helping investors and analysts get a clear picture of a company, according to new academic research.   The list of benefits of having an in-house IRO include lower stock price volatility, lower analyst forecast dispersion, higher analyst forecast accuracy and quicker price discovery. These benefits are reportedly amplified if an IRO has been with a company for more than three years. The study – produced by Kimba...
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