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Sep 01, 2021
Members Exchange calls for stocks to be priced in half-cent increments
An upstart exchange has called on the SEC to allow pricing of certain stocks in half-cents to lower costs for investors. Members Exchange (MEMX), which is backed by more than a dozen financial services firms, submitted a proposal to the US regulator this week arguing that the current system leads to bid-ask spreads that are ‘demonstrably too wide’. MEMX has requested the change for stocks that trade with an average spread of 1.1 cents or less. Around 1,00...
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Jul 29, 2021
How Cowen approaches ESG integration
In this video interview, Robert Fagin, global head of research at Cowen, talks about how his firm is integrating ESG into its fundamental research – both through its partnership with TruValue Labs and its own proprietary research methods. Fagin also discusses the role of sell-side research in the ESG data ecosystem and what differentiates equity research fr...
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Jul 20, 2021
M&A deals hit historic highs with no sign of slowing, say panelists at IR Magazine Forum
Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) show no signs of slowing down anytime soon, though there are challenges companies face trying to win support from shareholders, according to several panelists at the IR Magazine & Corporate Secretary Corporate Transaction Forum. Since the second half of 2020, global M&A has experienced a massive rise in deal volume and valuations, and this trend is set to continue. ‘There was approximately $1.5 tn worth of deals in Q2, mo...
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Jul 13, 2021
Sell-side analysts positive on buy-side holdings in year before career transition, study finds
Sell-side analysts who are on the brink of moving to the buy side are more likely to write favorable research about companies that are important to their future employer, according to a recent academic study. In the year before moving from sell-side research to buy-side research, analysts write more favorably about the stocks their future employer has large positions in and tha...
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Jun 08, 2021
How the sell side is integrating ESG into its research
The role of an equity analyst is to parse vast quantities of structured and unstructured information into simple, easy-to-follow research reports that provide investment advice to clients. As asset managers face greater pressure to disclose the ESG risks their portfolios are exposed to, sell-side analysts face similar pressure to assist their clients by acting as detectives, rooting out potential undiscovered ESG risks their clients – and their clients’ clients – may...
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May 28, 2021
IR teams preparing for tentative return to in-person meetings, poll finds
Almost two thirds (63 percent) of IR professionals plan to attend at least one in-person investor event during the second half of the year, according to poll results from a recent IR Magazine Webinar. The largest proportion of respondents – 42 percent – said they haven’t yet scheduled any in-person events, but plan to during the second half of the year, while 16 percent said they plan to attend at least one in-person conference they’ve already regis...
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