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Feb 13, 2020
In the Mifid II era, IR teams play more active role in targeting
Sponsored content More than one third of investor targets globally are directly identified by the investor relations team, according to recent research from IR Magazine. There’s no question that this number has increased due to the effects of Mifid II and the changes to corporate access it has initiated. The same research shows IR teams are more likely to have decreased, rather than increased, their use of brokers for investor targeting. ...
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Jan 31, 2020
North American and EU budgets hit by Mifid II knock-on effect
Two years on from the introduction of Mifid II, large and mega-cap companies’ IR budgets in Europe have been curtailed, while resources allocated for IR activities at small and mid-cap firms in the region have seen an increase, research shows. Mega-cap companies have experienced the greatest fall in IR spending in the last five years, with a notable drop over two years, according to an overview of the IR Magazine Global Investor Relations Practice Report ...
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Oct 07, 2019
Corporate access is becoming more efficient for issuers, panel says
While Mifid II has changed the economics of corporate access for both the buy side and the sell side, issuers are well positioned to make the most of these changes by engaging with both parties, according to speakers at the recent IR Magazine Think Tank in Palo Alto. Grant Bartucci, associate director of corporate access and broker relations at Point 72, explained that one of his responsibilities at the hedge fund is to make sure the fund is focused on consuming the...
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Sep 23, 2019
IROs let off steam about Mifid II
IROs used a recent survey about Mifid II to let off some steam about the European regulation. Half of IR professionals say they have a negative view of the impact of Mifid II, while just 14 percent take a positive view, according to a new research report from IR Magazine. The research polled 79 IROs on their feelings about Mifid II and its impact on their IR programs. The sur...
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Sep 23, 2019
Advisory intelligence: Mifid II and investor engagement
Sponsored content Since its implementation in January 2018, Mifid II has had a ripple effect on the financial system – not just in Europe, but also in the U.S. and more gradually in Asia. The aspect of Mifid II that has been most discussed from day one – and that has the most far-reaching implications – is how buy-side firms pay for the research they use to make investment decisions.  In the EU, Mifid II forced the unbundling of trading and re...
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Aug 16, 2019
Dark-pool trading grows to its highest level post-Mifid II
While equity trading in Europe fell in July, dark-pool trading volumes swelled to their highest level since Mifid II was introduced 19 months ago, according to analysis by research and consulting firm TABB Group. The research reveals that the total average daily trading volume for Europe’s equity markets during July declined 15 percent to €53 bn ($59 bn) while dark trading rose, accounting for 9.6 percent of all on-exchange activity. Such highs have not b...
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Aug 09, 2019
Coming to America: US instigates major study into Mifid II
In the latest impact of Mifid II coming to America, a major investigation concentrating on research for small issuers has been successfully instigated by US politicians, on the back of the US coming closer to the European regulation. The US lower House of Congress, the House of Representatives, has passed a bipartisan bill requiring the SEC to study the provision of investment research into small issuers. The bill has been sent to the upper House of Congress, the Se...
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Aug 07, 2019
US buy side sees impact of Mifid II, reveals study
Research unbundling under Mifid II has hit institutional equities in the US, with research showing that buy-side firms have significantly reduced their commission pool over the last few years. New York-based research and consulting firm TABB Group, which spoke with 100 asset-management trading heads, reveals that investment managers have reduced their US commission pool by 42 percent since peaks in 2015. The study reveals that the unbundling of research and c...
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