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Dec 07, 2020
IR papers: ESG and retail investors
The irrelevance of ESG reporting SRI – now encompassing more than 25 percent of professionally invested dollars in the US – has sparked enormous demand for ESG disclosure. But virtually none of that demand, it appears, is coming directly from retail investors. A unique analysis of trading data from popular online brokerage Robinhood Markets detects no reaction to issuer-sourced ESG press releases. ‘Every single disclosure we looked at ...
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Dec 03, 2020
Nasdaq targets board diversity with ‘comply or explain’ plan
Nasdaq is moving to increase diversity on the boards of its listed companies amid growing pressure from investors and state laws for greater inclusion of under-represented groups – or at least disclosure around the issue. Nasdaq on Tuesday filed a proposal with the SEC to adopt new listing rules. Failure to comply will result in a company being ki...
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Dec 02, 2020
Asset managers complain CFA’s proposed ESG standards will sow confusion, not clarity
CFA Institute’s plan to create a global ESG standard has triggered concern among some US and European asset managers already juggling overlapping regulations and rising costs in a crowded space. Virginia-based CFA Institute, which offers chartered financial analyst certification globally, is forging ahead with its consultation, gathering feedback on its proposed principles of voluntary ESG disclosure standards for investment products. It aims to issue a draft volu...
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Nov 13, 2020
ESG: Social most difficult to analyze and integrate
Improved long-term returns and risk mitigation are the key motivators behind ESG integration, according to a series of snap polls held at the recent Truvalue Labs ESG Investing Forum, with social named as the most difficult element to analyze and integrate. Almost two thirds (72 percent) of respondents say social is the most difficult to analyze and integrate, while less than a fifth (18 percent) say environmental and just 10 percent say governance is most difficult...
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Nov 05, 2020
ESG: The legacy of Covid-19
During the depths of the first lockdown, you could be forgiven for expecting to see ESG issues jettisoned from corporate strategy for the foreseeable future. As businesses immediately focused on navigating the huge challenges of the crisis, fighting to continue their operations and adapting to remote working, it certainly appeared that there was a move away from broader concerns such as climate change and diversity.  Over the past few months, however, there ...
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Nov 02, 2020
TCFD goes ‘mainstream’ as investor demand grows
Investor demand is pushing forward the adoption of recommendations from the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), according to its latest status report – with both support for the recommendations and implementation rising on 2019. ‘To date, more than 1,500 organizations have expressed their support for the TCFD recommendations,’ notes a statement from the task force, a figure it says...
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Oct 27, 2020
‘Overboarding’ focus as firms seek to boost diversity
Corporate boards are committed to increasing diversity: that’s the message from Diligent and the NYSE in a new study showing that 81 percent of companies either have a diversity plan in place or intend to create one. Just over half (54 percent) of companies say they already have a plan in place to boost board diversity, while a further 27 percent tell researchers this is something they intend to do in the future. That’s according to the new report ...
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Oct 26, 2020
ESG data signals
  Sponsored content   Highlights Using the Trucost SDG Dataset, investors can calculate the proportion of a company’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) revenues that are positioned for achieving the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Agenda. Within the S&...
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Oct 09, 2020
Highlights from the ESG Integration Forum – Summer 2020
As publishers of both IR Magazine and Corporate Secretary, we relish the opportunity to bring our two audiences together to hear different perspectives and stories of effective collaboration on ESG integration. This was in evidence at the ESG Integration Forum – Summer 2020, held virtually on July 29. The event looked at how Covid-19 has shone a spotlight on human-capital management issues and how ...
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