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Feb 23, 2021
Why a little regulation can be a good thing and whether this whole ESG thing is just a fad: Ticker 122
IR Magazine’s Jeff Cossette talks to Joe Vicari, practice lead for ESG at Broadridge Financial Solutions, on how disclosure will at least attract greater scrutiny – and potentially even regulatory mandate – under US President Joe Biden’s government, where companies go wrong on ESG and why they should be casting a wider net when it comes to thinking like an investor. This episode of The Ticker is sponsored by Broadridge Financial Solutions  ...
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Feb 22, 2021
Meta-study underlines ties between ESG and corporate success
A new meta-study looking at a wide array of research from the past five years underlines the links between ESG and positive outcomes for companies and investors. Researchers from the NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business and Rockefeller Asset Management looked at 1,141 peer-reviewed papers and 27 meta-reviews – themselves based on r...
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Feb 19, 2021
ESG reporting in Canada doubled between 2016 and 2019, study finds
The adoption of ESG reporting has increased significantly since 2016, with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) being the most-used reporting framework, according to a new study from Millani. More than two thirds (71 percent) of companies included in the S&P/TSX Composite index published a 2019 ESG or sustainability report, according to Millani’s analysis, which was completed in December 2020. The number of Canadian companies publishing ESG or sustaina...
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Feb 05, 2021
How to examine your company’s exposure to ESG risk in AI systems
Endemic failures in ESG issues cause public harm, can ruin a business’ reputation and ultimately even threaten its existence. But there remains one sector not subject to ESG impact and risk disclosures: responsible artificial intelligence and autonomous systems (AI systems). To overlook AI systems in any material dataset of ESG metrics can be likened to building the spine of responsible business and omitting the spinal cord at its center. AI systems could be respo...
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Feb 01, 2021
Companies face proposals on employee representation
At least six US companies have received investor requests to put proposals to a vote at their AGMs this year on the topic of employee board representation. Starbucks’ 2021 proxy statement, for example, includes a proposal from James McRitchie – the investor behind the flurry of filings on the topic – tha...
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Feb 01, 2021
Companies sign up for new ESG stakeholder metrics
Dozens of business leaders this week committed their organizations to using a new set of ESG-related metrics and disclosures developed in collaboration with the Big Four accounting firms. The 61 signatories, revealed at the World Economic Forum’s Davos conference, will start using ‘stakeholder capitalism metrics’ as an initiative intended to speed up convergence among the main private ESG standard-setters and to bring greater comparability and consistency to E...
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Jan 25, 2021
Disney shareholders to vote on lobbying and employee representation
Shareholders of The Walt Disney Company will vote on proposals regarding two governance issues in the spotlight – lobbying activities and board composition – at the upcoming annual meeting. Multiple co-filers intend to present a proposal, which the board opposes, requesting full disclosure of Disney’s direct and indirect lobbying activities and expenditures to assess whether this is consistent with the company’s goals and in the best interests of shareholder...
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Jan 22, 2021
‘Each one of the standards and frameworks has a role to play’: Q&A with CDP's Pietro Bertazzi
Founded just over 20 years ago, CDP has grown and evolved to become a key part of the sustainable reporting ecosystem. In the early days, just a couple of hundred companies responded to its questionnaire on carbon emissions. Today, the organization collects information on climate change, deforestation and water security from nearly 10,000 businesses worldwide. Last year saw further developments when CDP released a joint statement with four other organizations – th...
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