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Jun 12, 2020
Sensitive issues barge into boardroom
Several factors have combined in recent weeks to push some sensitive issues onto the agendas of issuers, investors and intermediaries. The Covid-19 pandemic has shut down large parts of the global economy for months but, rather than go into deep freeze, these issues have gained a higher profile, bubbling to the surface of the news agenda and barging their way into boardrooms for urgent discussion and action....
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Jun 04, 2020
IR lessons learned during the Sars outbreak
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (Sars) hit Singapore on the back of the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and amid economic doldrums that had persisted since the dotcom bubble burst in the new millennium. At the time, I was at Singapore Exchange (SGX), where I was responsible for corporate strategy and marketing, including a broad remit of communications, of which IR was the key market-facing role. I had joined SGX following the IPO of what was then only the...
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May 28, 2020
Investor engagement in a Covid-19 world
With the first-quarter earnings season behind us, many of our clients are focused on investor meetings and marketing once again. To prepare for re-engagement, we are helping clients refresh their investment stories, develop investor targeting strategies that reflect the current environment and valuations, and deal with the shift to virtual investor meetings.  Whether your company had a strong growth story in early March and is now a value play or happens to be in a...
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May 19, 2020
Six trends from earnings season under Covid-19
The Covid-19 crisis has created some of the most difficult reporting conditions for many years, if not decades. Financial results and outlooks have been left in tatters by the pandemic. Highlighting the uncertainty, hundreds of companies have cut or suspended guidance since mid-March, according to an analysis by Intelligize conducted for IR Magazine. ...
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May 06, 2020
How the IR community is coming together during Covid-19
During the last two months we’ve heard some remarkable stories of companies pivoting their business model to provide personal protective equipment (PPE), hand sanitizer and many other forms of support during this crisis. The same is true in the investor relations industry, where companies have offered additional services, complimentary services or extraordinary support to IR teams, finance teams and the wider community. This article provides a list of the above-an...
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May 05, 2020
Covid-19 casts gloom over German IR community
The mood among German IR professionals is unsurprisingly gloomy but they are split over whether the situation is likely to get better or worse, according to research from IR association DIRK The organization has released the findings from its annual mood barometer, which polls members on their current and future outlook, as well as other subjects such as analyst coverage and team size.  The survey, conducted between February 19 and March 20, finds 39 percent...
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Apr 29, 2020
CFOs focus on costs to mitigate financial hit of Covid-19, says survey
CFOs in the US expect ‘substantial’ impacts on their 2020 financial performance as a result of Covid-19 and are heavily focused on controlling costs to weather the crisis, according to new research.  The findings appear in the same week that companies and investors brace for official US GDP figures, which are expected to show the world’s largest economy shrunk by 4 percent in the first quarter. The regular survey of finance chiefs, conducted by PwC in ...
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Apr 20, 2020
Covid-19: The changing face of shareholder communications and the emergence of virtual IR
As a veteran investor relations professional, I returned to work on January 2, 2020 with great excitement. The Dow was hovering at or near record highs (just below 29,000), unemployment was at near record lows and the capital markets seemed poised for another strong year. Fast forward to today, the Dow is down roughly 15 percent for the year (at one point it was down almost 36 percent), more than 22 mn Americans have lost their jobs and the flow of new capital has slowed d...
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Apr 14, 2020
Covid-19 prompts buyback backlash
Who is the biggest investor on earth, in terms of equities purchased every year? One of the large sovereign wealth funds, perhaps? BlackRock? Vanguard? Berkshire Hathaway? The answer is: none of the above. The world’s largest buyers of equities are the companies that issue the shares themselves, and the ‘investment’ comes in the form of share buybacks and repurchase programs. Using their own cashflow and reinvestments, as well as a mountain of low-cost debt, i...
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