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Nov 19, 2019
How IROs understand ETF rebalancing
Chip Newcom, director of investor relations at Equinix At Equinix, three of our top five shareholders are passive index managers representing more than 20 percent of our registry. During the first half of 2018, Vanguard, our largest shareholder and also the largest passive investor in the real estate sector, rebalanced its real estate investment trust (Reit) funds from tracking the MSCI US REIT Index to the broader MSCI US IMI Real Estate 25/50 Inde...
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Oct 30, 2019
Advisory Intelligence: Looking forward to the holidays – investors remain bullish about consumer sector
Sponsored content As we enter November, investors in the consumer sector have their eyes firmly focused on the upcoming holiday season. Given the robust performance of the US consumer this year, most are predicting healthy returns for the nation’s retailers. But optimism is being tempered by a few factors, such as the ongoing trade talks with China and weaker-than-expected consumer spending growth in September. The latest jobs report, which saw un...
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Oct 29, 2019
Trust is basis of company-investor relationship, says Fideuram portfolio manager
IR Magazine spoke with Lorenzo Crispoltoni, senior portfolio manager and head of equity & alternative investments at Fideuram, at the IR Magazine Global Forum 2019 in Paris, which took place on October 2-3. Crispoltoni talked about what makes a great investor relations officer, how often he meets with IR and senior management as part of his investment process, and how recent regulatory changes have helped to improve his relationships with listed compan...
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Oct 24, 2019
Index investing to continue growth, says State Street’s global chief investment officer
IR Magazine spoke with Richard Lacaille, global chief investment officer at State Street Global Advisors, at the IR Magazine Global Forum 2019 in Paris, which took place on October 2-3.  Lacaille discussed a range of topics including the flow of funds into passive strategies, how Europe and Asia are catching up with the US in passive investment, the kinds of indices being created today and how companies can engage with index funds.  ‘Indexing ...
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Oct 24, 2019
SEC investor advocate seeks action on dual-class shares
SEC investor advocate Rick Fleming has urged the commission and US exchanges to take action against dual-class share structures. Speaking at an International Corporate Governance Network event in Miami recently, Fleming noted that SEC efforts to essentially ban the creation of super-voting share classes had been thwarted in court some years ago. ‘[B]ut there is still a lot the SEC can do,’ he said. ‘For example, the SEC’s investor advisory committee, on whic...
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Oct 16, 2019
RBC GAM: Why company leaders should care about ESG
‘Responsible investing’ is an umbrella term used to describe the broad range of approaches that can be used to incorporate ESG considerations into the investment process. A decade ago there was prevailing skepticism in the investment community about the impact these non-financial factors might have on prices for equities or bonds. Today, however, investors and market observers have begun to realize the value and importance of ESG factors. At RBC Global Asset Man...
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Sep 02, 2019
Investor confidence dips in August, reveals State Street
In a clear indication that the ongoing US-China trade war and gloom about the global economy are having an impact on investor sentiment, State Street’s Global Investor Confidence Index (ICI) fell in August by 8.7 points from July’s 84.6 to 75.9, its lowest level for four months. The index assigns changes in investor risk appetite: the greater the percentage allocation to equities, the higher the risk appetite or confidence. It differs from survey-style measureme...
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