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Dec 18, 2019
Publishing, media and telecoms companies at highest risk from activists, notes research
Publishing, media and telecommunications are the sectors most vulnerable to activist investors, according to new research. The three industries score highest in a new ranking that assesses companies according to their susceptibility to activist campaigns. Developed by FTI Consulting, the scoring system considers more than 25 different areas grouped into four broad categories: governance, total shareholder return, balance sheet and operating performance. ...
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Nov 28, 2019
Last word: Unlocking hidden value in GreenLandCorp
To whom it may concern First of all, let me congratulate you on a fantastic company. From its Elephant Foot Glacier to the Qorlortorsuaq waterfall, it is a monument to a pristine corporate vision, one we here at US&P LLC are very enthusiastic about. But we are even more enthusiastic about the opportunities an acquisition of your fine firm would provide for your existing stakeholders – local communities included, naturally – and our shareholders. We ca...
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Nov 07, 2019
Canadian shareholder activism increases in scope, says Laurel Hill
Shareholder activism in Canada is evolving and becoming more sophisticated. While down in terms of volume, it has ‘grown in prominence, scale and momentum,’ according to Laurel Hill’s fifth annual Trends in Corporate Governance report. So far in 2019, 44 companies have been subject to activist demands in Canada, compared with 69 in all of last year. ‘When people think of activism, they generally think of board battles,’ says David Salmon, president ...
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Oct 22, 2019
‘Anyone can be an activist now,’ warn Canadian governance advisers
Shareholder activism hit record highs in Canada during 2018 and, while the activity has trailed off somewhat this year, speakers at the inaugural Corporate Secretary Think Tank – Canada cautioned that there is an increase in first-time activists. In 2018 there were 78 activist campaigns in Canada, 57 of which had taken place by July, according to data from Activist Insight. In 2019, 28 companies had been targeted by July – marking a 40 percent year-on-y...
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Oct 18, 2019
The week in investor relations: Trade war is ‘new normal’, fund managers avoid unicorns and companies under more pressure over climate change
– A majority of investors think the US-China trade war is the ‘new normal’, according to a survey of global fund managers conducted by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, reports Marketwatch. The survey finds that 43 percent of respondents think there is no end in sight to the trade dispute, compared with 36 percent who think it will be resolved bef...
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Sep 20, 2019
Five trends all IROs need to consider for 2019 and beyond
Sponsored content The latest in Q4’s popular Breakfast Roundtable series was hosted with IR Magazine on top of London’s iconic Gherkin building. We divided 50 IROs into five roundtables and tasked them with examining the top trends facing IROs: shareholder activism, the impact of Mifid II, Brexit, ESG investing and the use of alternative...
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Aug 21, 2019
FTSE 100 CEO pay drops due to new reporting regime, reveals Deloitte
CEO pay at FTSE 100 companies has dropped to its lowest level since 2014, according to Deloitte’s annual FTSE 100 executive remuneration report. The analysis of filings from the latest season of AGMs reveals median pay for a FTSE 100 chief executive stands at £3.4 mn ($4.1 mn), down from £4 mn in the same period the year before and the lowest level since 2014, when a reporting requirement to provide a single figure for total pay was introduced. ‘Since t...
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Jul 19, 2019
This year becomes year of improving the share price, reveals activist report
An array of trends are revealed in financial advisory firm Lazard’s first-half 2019 Review of Shareholder Activism. These include: – Global shareholder campaign activity is in line with a multi-year pace – An M&A thesis has developed ­– Activists are driving significant board and management changes – Activism outside the US has reached record highs. On the first point, global campaign activity in the first half of 20...
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Jun 12, 2019
Canadian activism seen as ongoing despite slowdown
Industry advisers say activist investing in Canada is very much still on the agenda despite a drop-off from last year’s mini boom, a new report finds. A record 75 Canada-based companies faced public activist campaigns in 2018, according to Activist Insight Online research. That number is up sharply from the 56 subjected to public demands the year before though up more modestly from the total of 70 and 66 in 2015 and 2016, respectively. Similarly, there were a reco...
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